Frequently Asked Questions

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Pricing, Ordering, and Shipping

The Purse Gummy® is sold as a set of 6 pieces.  The Strap Gummy® is sold as a set of 6 semi-clear pieces or 4 large black pieces. We have affordably priced the sets at $12.95 on this website.   First-Class USPS Shipping is free on all orders shipped within the 48 contiguous U.S. states.  Depending on where the item is being shipped to outside the United States, other shipping charges will be calculated during checkout.  Please note that sales tax will be added for all orders shipped within New York State.  

Our company accepts payments, including all major credit cards, through the trusted, secure service of Shipify® e-commerce, including PayPal and Amazon payments.  Please contact us if you would prefer to pay by personal check or money order. 

First-Class USPS Shipping is free within the United States.  Shipping costs for up to 2 sets shipped elsewhere will be $3.55 USD.

We ship to most countries for only $3.00 USD via USPS International. 


Our company strives to maintain excellent customer service and satisfaction.  If the Purse Gummy® product fails to meet your needs, you may return your unused pieces within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price.  Mail your return to: Strap Gummy Company, 5016 Phaeton Ln, Suite 100, Syracuse NY 13215.  Please indicate the reason why you didn’t like the product.  Sorry, we cannot refund your return shipping charges.  Your refund will be issued, based on your original method of payment, within 5 business days of us receiving back your product.  

The Products Explained

The Purse Gummy® is designed to fit single or double-strapped purses with a handle width of about 1 inch or greater.  It can be cut with scissors to fit smaller width straps.  It will adhere to virtually all strap materials including leather, faux leather, suede, nylon, vinyl, fabric, etc.  👜 

The Purse Gummy® is currently available in a glossy black, chocolate brown, semi-clear, and blush colors.

The Strap Gummy® is currently available in a large size glossy black, and a small semi-clear color. Since The Purse and Strap Gummy® products are a low-profile accessory and is placed in a discrete location under the strap, it should never interfere with the fashionable look of your purse.  We are always accepting suggestions for future colors! 😉 

Currently, we offer one size:  Approximately 7/8” wide X 5” long.  Additional sizes are planned for future production.  Please keep in mind that you may cut the Purse Gummy® with scissors for a more custom fit until additional sizes become available.  A larger version of the strip, called the Strap Gummy™ is also available on our Product page. 

The Purse Gummy® is a purse accessory made of flexible silicone which is specially designed with a high coefficient of friction.  Thus it clings to your clothing or skin and prevents your purse from slipping off your shoulder.   The silicone material is not tacky, it does not attract dirt, and is easily wiped clean if necessary. 

The Purse Gummy® and Strap Gummy® are made of flexible, food-grade silicone which is latex-free. A gentle 3M® adhesive layer is attached to the silicone layer.

The Purse Gummy® and Strap Gummy®products are made of a specially designed material which is very grippy, yet not tacky; It won't damage or adhere to your clothing; it will only prevent your purse from slipping.  The adhesive (a gentle 3M brand acrylic) is designed to easily attach the Purse Gummy® to your purse strap.  It is cleanly removable if you so desire.  To remove from a strap, it is recommended that you first heat the Purse Gummy™ with a hair dryer.  You should then remove it slowly and carefully from the strap, so as to not damage the strap. Remember: Band-Aids should be removed quickly, but remove The Purse Gummy® and Strap Gummy® slowly.