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Collection: Strap Gummy® Collection

🔹Stop strap slips! As featured on Kathie Lee & Hoda TODAY show! Strap Gummy® is a silicone strip specially designed with a high coefficient of friction to prevent all types of straps from slipping off your shoulder. Keep Your Straps and Bags Secure on Your Shoulder, NOT on other surfaces; Simple friction keeps your strap in place.

🔹Strap Gummy® will adhere to virtually any flat strap. It works on handbag straps, guitar straps, backpacks, bra straps, diaper bags; on materials including leather, nylon, microfiber, synthetics, suede, fabric, vinyl, etc.

🔹Strap Gummy® is completely hidden underneath your strap. Thus no worries about changing the appearance of your strap or bag.

🔹Strap Gummy® is available in a pack which contains 6 semi-clear pieces. Size Small - 5 inches long by 7/8 inch wide. Strips are designed fit flat straps one inch or wider. It can also be cut to size if necessary to fit narrower straps.

🔹Strap Gummy® is designed to be durable and resistant to peeling off the shoulder strap.. It adheres to the underside of the strap using a simple peel-and-stick method; easily removes from strap surface if you desire; assembled in the U.S.A.

Strap Gummy® Collection

Brand New Strap Gummy® Product!

Be more secure and comfortable!

You'll wish you had this product years ago.

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STRAP GUMMY® Finally! A solution for slipping straps!

grippy, concealed silicone strip.   prevents any strap from slipping.adheres to the underside of your strap.  virtually undetectable under the strap.durable.   long-lasting.   simple peel-and-stick application.   removable if desired.available in black & semi-clear

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