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    👜The Purse Gummy® accessory was invented and designed by me,  Karen, a  mother of 3 who was annoyed by her bag slipping off her shoulder.  I experienced the common problem of bags slipping for many years, and always wondered "Why doesn't someone invent something to prevent this problem?"  One day it hit me!  I had a basic conceptual idea of how to prevent the problem by creating simple friction; Maybe I should tackle the issue with my product design!I searched high and low for a manufacturer who could help me produce my design, and eventually all of the pieces for product development came together.  I decided to brand my finished product with a feminine label and logo and name it The Purse Gummy®.   I am now proud to say that I am the owner and inventor (mompreneur!) of the Purse Gummy® product.  I have established a strong sales record with thousands of customers, and have amassed over 600 organic product reviews on Amazon averaging 4.5 stars!I am proud that The product has been my brain-child, from early stages of design to current global distribution!  I do not speak of my success in a boastful tone, but rather a grateful, genuine sense of appreciation of my customers. My customers (Ilovemy customers) are the ones who have lifted me to the current success I am blessed with! 💗More about my product: The Purse Gummy® is a bag accessory which was designed to meet the needs of active women, whether she is in the role of a busy professional, a mother, a shopper, a student, etc.  Often a woman purchases a fashionable purse or bag without completely testing the bag for its wear-ability on her shoulder.  She might later discover that the bag has an annoying tendency to "slip away" off her shoulder during normal movements. This is a common problem; You are not alone!  Fortunately, now The Purse Gummy® is the non-slip solution for your favorite bag, and a fresh idea for other bags that you put away in a closet because they kept "slipping away." Wear them again with The Purse Gummy®!I do plan on adding different products and sizes to our line in the future in 2020.  My blog will provide the latest product information from my company, Strap Gummy Company.  We hope that you will stay tuned!  Pleasee-mailme with any comments or questions! 😘Keep your purse on! 👜​​​With warm regards, ​-Karen💗