The Undetectable Non-Slip Bag Strap Solution!

new purse/bag accessory!

grippy, concealed silicone strip.   prevents your bag strap from slipping.

experience the comfort of secure straps.

adheres to the underside of your strap.  virtually undetectable when wearing your bag.

durable.   long-lasting.   simple peel-and-stick application.   removable if desired.

keep Your bag germ-free and close to you on your shoulder.

available in black, chocolate brown, semi-clear, and blush.

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Prevent purse and handbag slips with this easy solution!

Welcome to the solution!

Slipping shoulder straps are a common problem for many women of all sizes; active women desire to feel comfortable and secure wearing their bag as they go about their day.  Strap slips are so annoying!  With input from women, I designed the Purse Gummy and Strap Gummy accessories. Attach the strip→ No more strap slips. An annoying problem, solved!

-Karen from Purse Gummy

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How Does it Work?

For all those times you're in "on-the-go" mode, try a Purse Gummy to prevent strap slips!

  • Peel off backing.

    You wear your purse or bag on a daily basis.

  • Press onto strap.

    Wear it secure, germ-free, and comfortable on your shoulder!

  • Problem solved!

    Stay secure,​Be comfortable! 

Melissa McCarthy knows; keeping a bag secure on your shoulder is a common problem for many women. The Purse Gummy® accessory discreetly solves this problem.

Sister Accessory - Strap Gummy®

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