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Purse Gummy® Accessory Set of 6 Pieces - GLOSSY BLACK

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  • 💛Stop Strap Slips; Keep your bag secure and comfortable on Your Shoulder, NOT on unhealthy surfaces; Simple friction keeps your bag in place on your shoulder.
  • Grippy, concealed silicone strip.  Prevents your bag strap from slipping. Adheres to the underside of your strap. Virtually undetectable when wearing your bag. Durable. Long-lasting.  Simple peel-and-stick application.  Removable if desired.
  • Each Purse Gummy® piece is glossy black and measures approximately 7/8 inch wide x 5 inches long.
  • For use on up to 6 purse or shoulder bag straps. 
  • Purse Gummy® pieces are packaged in three rows of two deep (total of 6 pieces) with white removable backings.
  • Each set of 6 pieces will be neatly packaged and suitable for gift-giving.
  • FREE SHIPPING within the U.S.A! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

I absolutely love the purse gummy set so I can use some of my bags now. The straps falling off my shoulder caused me to stop using some of my favourite bags. This solved my problem and I am so thrilled to find this product. The shipping was fast and the owner is amazing! She followed up to confirm that I received the strap gummy package. I am very impressed and I would definitely recommend buying from this company! It's a great product and amazing company to support!

Holds up to heavy use

I’ve been using these for well over over a year. I have to say, unlike some reviews I’ve had no trouble with the adhesive failing. The strips are only on leather bags and I cleaned the areas VERY well before applying them.

My bags tend to be heavy and I expected the strips would start to slide after an extended period of use, but no! The adhesive bin the strips is very good.

Very grippy, definitely stops the bag strap from sliding off my shoulder. I have ONE coat that the strips cannot grip. The faux fur on that single garment is so slippery that I doubt even tar would stick to it.

I’d put these on every shoulder strap I own except that the cost for postage to Australia was excessive. Great product.

Great idea but…

This works well at keeping purses from slipping, but unfortunately the sticky stuff that attaches it to your purse wears off in a couple of months.

EDH shopper
Solved a problem

I bought a cheap nylon backpack for use at gym. Annoying skinny straps would not hold up. Enter gummy stop slip stick-ons and yippee, no more falling off the shoulder between car and gym. Thank you!

Really help.

For the most part, these really help keep my purse on my shoulder. It stills slips off now and again, but still a lot better with than without.