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Purse Gummy® Accessory Set of 6 Pieces Variety Pack - GLOSSY BLACK 3 Pieces, SEMI-CLEAR 3 Pieces

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  • ­čĺŤStop Strap Slips; Keep your bag secure and comfortable on Your Shoulder, NOT on unhealthy surfaces; Simple friction keeps your bag in place on your shoulder.
  • Grippy, concealed silicone strip.┬á┬áPrevents your┬ábag strap from slipping. Adheres to the underside of your strap.┬áVirtually undetectable when wearing your bag. Durable.┬áLong-lasting.┬á┬áSimple peel-and-stick application.┬á┬áRemovable if desired.
  • Each┬áPurse Gummy┬«┬ápiece is glossy black or semi-clear and measures approximately┬á7/8 inch wide x 5 inches long.
  • For use on up┬áto 6 purse or shoulder bag straps.┬á
  • Purse Gummy┬«┬ápieces are packaged in three rows of two deep (total of 6 pieces) with white removable backings.
  • Each set of 6 pieces will be neatly packaged and suitable for gift-giving.
  • FREE SHIPPING within the U.S.A!┬á

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Good Product didn't work well for me

Product is easy to apply and bag slippage was cut by I'd say 60%. Did think cost was a bit high but in fairness I don't know manufacturing/material costs.

My pocketbook finally stays on my shoulder.

I have a very short shoulder and have never been able to prevent a bag from falling down no matter how small the strap is. This product does exactly what it says it will do. I put two of them on just to make sure. My bag has a pretty wide strap which normally I would never be able to use. I am extremely happy with this product and I'm glad there's an extra set for me to use on my other bags. I would recommend this highly.

Sandy Hernandez
For my purse strap

I love this because my purse no longer slides down and I can hold other bags while unloading. I also used the clear ones for under my slicing board so it doesnÔÇÖt move when IÔÇÖm slicing vegetables.

Marie Andreini
Slip No More !

Great product for a Shoulder Bag I recently purchased. The handle kept slipping off of my shoulder and was really frustrating. I found these easy to apply Purse Gummies and No More Slippage ! Perfect !

virginia p berten
This really works

For fifty years my purses have been falling off my shoulders as I walk or move. This product has changed my life. Thank you! Thank you!