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Strap Gummy® - Prevent Strap Slips - The Original Non Slip Shoulder Strap Grip Strips – Set of 4; 2 Large Black and 2 Small Semi-Clear

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🔹Stop strap slips! As featured on Kathie Lee & Hoda TODAY show! Strap Gummy® is a silicone strip specially designed with a high coefficient of friction to prevent all types of straps from slipping off your shoulder. Keep Your Straps and Bags Secure on Your Shoulder, NOT on other surfaces; Simple friction keeps your strap in place.

🔹Strap Gummy® will adhere to virtually any flat strap. It works on handbag straps, guitar straps, backpacks, bra straps, diaper bags; on materials including leather, nylon, microfiber, synthetics, suede, fabric, vinyl, etc.

🔹Strap Gummy® is completely hidden underneath your strap. Thus no worries about changing the appearance of your strap or bag.

🔹Strap Gummy® is available in a pack which contains 6 semi-clear pieces. Size Small - 5 inches long by 7/8 inch wide. Strips are designed fit flat straps one inch or wider. It can also be cut to size if necessary to fit narrower straps.

🔹Strap Gummy® is designed to be durable and resistant to peeling off the shoulder strap.. It adheres to the underside of the strap using a simple peel-and-stick method; easily removes from strap surface if you desire; assembled in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews

I got these for a bridesmaid's dress that kept slipping off my shoulders. I never had to readjust my dress after I put these on!

Atypical use for skiing

Used this product on a ski helmet to help keep ski goggles from slipping down the back and out of the strap hook built into the helmet. Works great for this purpose and is as stuck as when it was first applied even after a season of skiing. The gummy strap does not work on elastic/stretchy fabric.

Mark M.
Very pleasantly surprised

Read reviews before i bought this. They were mostly positive with a few negatives thrown in, generally complaints (very few) were about adhesion. That said you have to take positive reviews with a grain of salt because you do not know the motivation of the person writing them. That said, I have NO ISSUE WITH ADHESION. I have it on the fabric strap on a Coach briefcase and have been using it almost daily for the past couple weeks. I understand this isnt very long but if i was going to have adhesion problems i would at least see some lifting or peeling around the sides - it is showing zero signs of this.Insofar as how it holds on my shoulder, it holds very very well. I wouldnt say it is like glue, but it barely ever slides. I was also a little worried that this would leave marks on my suit but having seen and felt the materials used i can say that i am confident this can not happen.Overall very happy. Ive been dealing with uber annoying slippage during my commute literally for deckades. This solved it, wish i had bought it a long time ago.

Michelle Alberigi McKenzie
Works great so far

I was going to use the smaller clear strips but there was only one, and a spot where there USED to be another. So I guess someone took what they needed and returned. Bad karma for them. So I cut a black strip in half and applied it. What a difference! Makes me love my bag even more! I took a star off for sending me a partial order.

They Work!!

I have large sling purse that came with texture under strap. After awhile it peeled off. The purse was still in great shape, but I hated having it slide off all the time. I found these and they work wonderfully!! Highly recommend!! 👍👍