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Strap Gummy® - Prevent Strap Slips - The Original Non Slip Shoulder Strap Grip Strips – Set of 4 - Large Black

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Description :

Strap Gummy® is a grippy, semi-clear silicone strip which discreetly adheres to the underside of virtually any shoulder strap. Simple friction prevents the strap from slipping off your shoulder as you go about your day!

The Strap Gummy® in the simple, inexpensive solution for everyone and their tote bags, handbags, diaper bags, purses, etc. Refresh your bag collection and use your forgotten bags you put away because of slippery straps.

We understand! Often a customer purchases a fashionable bag without completely testing the bag for its comfort. One might later discover that the bag has an annoying tendency to "slip away" off her shoulder. 


  • Color: Large Black
  • Stop strap slips! As featured on Kathie Lee & Hoda TODAY show! Strap Gummy® is a silicone strip specially designed with a high coefficient of friction to prevent all types of straps from slipping off your shoulder. Keep Your Straps and Bags Secure on Your Shoulder, NOT on other surfaces; Simple friction keeps your strap in place.
  • Strap Gummy® will adhere to virtually any flat strap. It works on handbag straps, guitar straps, backpacks, bra straps, diaper bags; on materials including leather, nylon, microfiber, synthetics, suede, fabric, vinyl, etc.
  • Strap Gummy® is completely hidden underneath your strap. Thus no worries about changing the appearance of your strap or bag.
  • Strap Gummy® is available in a pack which contains 6 semi-clear pieces. Size Small - 5 inches long by 7/8 inch wide. Strips are designed fit flat straps one inch or wider. It can also be cut to size if necessary to fit narrower straps.
  • Strap Gummy® is designed to be durable and resistant to peeling off the shoulder strap.. It adheres to the underside of the strap using a simple peel-and-stick method; easily removes from strap surface if you desire; assembled in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Carole williamson

life-changing ! The annoyance of the bag that slips odd off 459 times a day gone! Exellent, will be ordering many more

Did not believe this would work

I found the perfect size/material/weight/style backpack but the strap was sooooo slippery. I felt like I was walking around with my shoulders bunched around my ears. Til I read about this. And thought-there’s no way this will work. But I liked my backpack so much I figured I’d give it a whirl. That was March. Just days away from June and Holy Bleep-it’s a must have go get one now game changer!!! No slipping no sliding no hassle! Genius!

Kevin Smith

Works great on my backpack. Get you some!

Nicholas Jedd
Also works for backpacks!

I run around with my backpack slung over one shoulder like it's 1997, these stop slippage like a champ! Even with 20+ pounds and a slick raincoat.

Worked Great!

I bought the cutest sling bag / back pack style purse. I was so disappointed in the fact it would not stay on my shoulder and I ended up carrying it in my hands, ugh. Searched for something to help and came across this product. Works wonderfully! Definitely recommended.